Organic Search Marketing SEO Importance :: Puerto Rico

Today 70 percent of adults use the Internet. Internet users no longer search, they "Google" even when they "Yahoo". Yet users don't really understand the technology that drives search and neither do most advertisers.

Failing to invest in SEO is a bit like throwing a Party, but rather than send invitations, you cross your fingers and hope that people will hear about it and decide to come!

One of the biggest mistakes I encounter while visiting on clients and new prospects is that they are not aware of the Importance of doing Internet Marketing. They are under the assumption that just by doing a website, they will be automatically receiving traffic on their sites. It is estimated that there are over two billion websites out there and most if not all are competing for your business.

In Puerto Rico we have a great opportunity, not for only getting local business, but to expand to other countries. It is far less expensive to do a well design Internet Marketing Campaign than to open an International office. Most of the prospects and customers I visit that have or have had websites, tell me that they have not been advise of this service. Since most of the WebSite Design or WebSite Development companies in Puerto Rico are either designers or programmers, they do not know nor have the training and certfication on SEO, also know as Organic Search. To see what section of the search results is the organic search section, please see my image below.

SEO Results

The section on the left side is the Organic Results, it is estimated that people click 65% more on SEO Organic Results than in the PPC or Pay per click section on the right. As you can see here, one of our customers, they are coming out first on Google. Note that many people confuse what SEO should be, sometimes I'm said, "I type my company name and I come up on the first pages". Well certainy this would be wrong if you type your company name and it does not come up. The real test is when you type a generic search term such as "chemical distributor in puerto rico".

91% of buyers go to a supplier's website before calling
If they don't find what they need, 80% choose another supplie

Organic Search, can be used to optimize your company for many key phrases, this way your company will be found not just by one term.