Web Development & Website Solution Services Company in Puerto Rico

Web development services and website design services are two different concepts. The term web development is always associated with programming and website design is associated with design. The usual is to find ether a web development company or a website design company.  These are two very specific type of skills and training. This is why is important to select a company that has both resources.

Since the very beginning we tarted doing complicated sites and since 2003 we have not stopped. As a matter of fact, the very first site we sold we needed to import 38,000 inventory items three times a day from a Paradox data base into MS SQL db via a secure FTP connection.

Our Customers can benefit from the following:

  • Total Quality Management.
  • On time development of projects.
  • Professional Service from our staff.
  • Fast Turnaround time for projects

Our extensive development and experience in E-Commerce and Online Database/Systems Integration. We provide technical excellence in the Internet, Intranet spheres of business on a comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of creation, maintenance and promotion of a professional and affordable corporate Internet presence.

We have a growing team with designers, database developers and project coordinators. You can benefit from our capacity to turn projects around quickly. Our Team develops a complete range of Internet solutions. We work in a high-tech environment utilizing the very latest in software and hardware applications, we have the proven capabilities and infrastructure to execute projects of various types.


Software engineers and database programmers have more than 10 years experience in the latest tools and languages. Our Graphic designers also have more than 10 years of experience and we use the latest tools from Adobe.

Languages and Expertise

  1. PHP 90%
  2. MySQL 90%
  3. .NET 50%
  4. SQL 50%
  5. CCS3 90%
  6. HTML5 90%